"Clarington is at a crossroads, and this election is about the future of our community"



Joe and his wife are lifelong residents of the Durham Region, and have raised their three children in Clarington. As a local practicing lawyer of nearly 40 years, Joe brings to the community a unique combination of political, legal and business experience. As the Regional Councillor of Wards 1 and 2 for Clarington since 2014, Joe has a proven track record as an outspoken member of council on spending, taxes and standing up for residents.


  • Regional Councillor Wards 1 and 2 Clarington since 2014

  • Deputy Chair of Planning Committee at Durham Region since 2018

  • Local Councillor Ward 1 Clarington, 2010 - 2014

  • Lawyer at Neal Law since 1984

  • President of Mackie Moving Systems Corporation, 2003 - 2007

  • Catholic School Board trustee for Clarington, 1997 - 2003

  • Chair of the Research Ethics Board, Lakeridge Health Corporation, 1999 - 2004

  • Clarington Library Board since 2014

  • Member of Board of Autism Home Base Durham Inc., helping young adults with autism, 2012 - 2022

  • Ganaraska Board of Directors since 2018


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Forest Path

Alan Herring,
Newcastle Resident

Joe Neal has been the Clarington councillor standing up for rural landowners in making sure that Zone Clarington does not unfairly characterize their lands as EP lands, where it is not warranted.


Joe assisted me with presenting my situation at Regional Planning, and asking a lot of tough questions about the designations. Joe is hardworking, and has been tireless in helping rural landowners such as myself. Much of the natural heritage designation work is unfinished, and we need Joe to continue his work as mayor for the next four years. I am supporting Joe for mayor.

Jane Tooley-Blakely,
Courtice Resident

Whenever I think of Joe Neal, I think of community.


Over the past several years Joe has provided a feeling of fellowship to the residents of Courtice. In July 2014, Joe was instrumental in securing the building of a new park located off Old Kingston Road, just south of Hwy. 2. This park was constructed on the original site of my great grandfather’s mill, which was built in 1874. Our family was very honoured to have this location now called Tooley’s Mill Park.

Over the past 8 years Joe and his team have contributed to hosting many
community events at the park such as free Kids in the Park Day, Christmas tree lighting events and most recently Joe provided and maintained an ice skating rink this past winter for neighbours young and old to enjoy. Myself included. The park also boasts a beautiful trail for all to experience through the woods along the Farewell Creek. 
Thank you Joe for providing a beautiful area for Courtice residents to enjoy with their neighbours and families.

Bart Hawkins Kreps,
Bowmanville Resident

Wendy Bracken,
Newcastle Resident

At both Clarington Council and at Durham Regional Council, I have observed Joe Neal continually stand up for the wellbeing, environment, and pocketbooks of Clarington and Durham
He has done so with integrity, humility, and determination.


As Clarington is now the recipient of hundreds of thousands of tonnes of garbage each year from Durham and York Regions and beyond, a strong mayor to advocate for the protection of the residents, and for better policies, is needed. Joe Neal is the candidate who has steadfastly and effectively demonstrated leadership and commitment to these goals and to the citizens of Clarington through action at both Councils. I wholeheartedly support Joe Neal for Mayor of Clarington.

Durham Region recently held a vote on the issue of the land needs assessment for its new Official Plan. A majority of regional council, including the current mayor, voted in favour of option “2A”. To be clear, this will result in approximately 9,300 acres of farmland being converted for residential and employment uses. Option "2A" was chosen at the behest of industry lobbyists, and will result in lower intensification rates than even current development in the Region. This was an entirely flawed analysis, was against all regional staff recommendations, and was contrary to nearly all of the extensive public input received by Council, including from the agricultural community.


Joe Neal voted against option "2A", and instead attempted to forge a compromise on the land needs. His proposal would have required approximately one-third of the additional community area land needs compared to option "2A", and would have been based on current intensification rates. Again the current mayor voted against Joe Neal’s compromise. It is time for a change in mayor in Clarington, and Joe Neal is the person for the job. 




In 2014 Joe gathered several thousand signatures on a petition to the provincial government for the GO Train to come to Bowmanville and Courtice.


It’s 2022 and it still hasn’t happened. Other municipalities in the meantime have gotten major infrastructure projects funded by the Province. The current leadership has been in office for 12 years, bringing into question how effective the ongoing strategy has been. It is a top priority for Joe to ensure this project comes to fruition. 


WATCH: GO Train Extension



Clarington has 34 kilometers of shoreline on the edge of Lake Ontario.


Our waterfront has great potential for outdoor recreation for our residents, and you should be able to ride your bike or walk to a waterfront park.


We are growing and developing fast, and we need a strong leader to make sure that new development dollars are spent on creating long overdue infrastructure, including waterfront

Joe will work hard to make the future Bowmanville West and Courtice Waterfront parks a reality, and they will be connected with bike and pedestrian multi-use paths.


One of the most attractive reasons to live in Clarington is the mix of urban and rural landscapes. Clarington will be facing a lot of development pressures in the coming years, and we have to be careful that we don’t allow the type of development that is causing difficulties in places such as North Oshawa:















We can still have intensification, while at the same time not making the mistakes shown in the first picture. The type of development Joe will work for is demonstrated in the second picture, which is both attractive, and includes what he considers to be the ideal bike lane/sidewalk configuration:


PHONE JOE: 905-242-4141